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It seems every day, every week, somewhere in the world there is a mass shooting. Some are reported, some never make national headlines. Most people think and feel THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO and that is NOT TRUE! We can ALL make a difference in some way. This site is dedicated to finding solutions. We are setting up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money and asking for your time and donations. Virtually 100% of ALL MONEY raised will go towards finding solutions. Zero money for any salaries or admin costs. Help us in any way possible to prevent future shootings. 

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Our Mission

Recognize the Signals

It is estimated nearly EVERY mass shooting is carried out by someone that gave indications and signals they were about to commit this crime. We all need to watch for signals, talk to those at risk and recognize the danger signals to help prevent this tragedy from happening again and again.

Action Steps for Us All

It is our social responsibility as a society to help prevent any loss of life, anytime, anywhere. Our mission is to have diligent staff dedicated to monitoring social media in all cities, 24 hours a day to recognize the people that post IN ADVANCE on social media their hate or raciest comments, their intent to carry out shootings and other crimes against others. We will be setting up a toll-free line monitored 24 hours a day to assist in receiving calls and notifying the proper authorities of any suspicious postings or comments to help prevent future shootings.

Our Mission

We focus on prevention AND cure. We need to recognize mental illness, depression, anger directed at others, threatening posts on social media is all inter-related. We NEED stronger laws to prevent people from getting guns they use to carry out these shootings. We must work together to help prevent more shootings.

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